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Tai chi

Please put the words 'tai chi' in the subject field. We receive a lot of junk mail.


The e-mail should be for the attention of Mrs Rachel Waller.

New starters welcome

You can start your induction course any Monday (except Bank Holidays). Just come down to the hall with your 20 (in cash) around 6:45 PM and we'll get you started.

Can you register online?

If you prefer to register and pay online, please send an

Is tai chi suitable for me?

Please read the 'suitability' page. See what is on offer and if suits your requirements.

Asking for things we don't offer

Some people e-mail asking for things we don't teach e.g.
tai chi for the elderly, tai chi in a chair, tai chi for children, tai chi for people with mental health issues, tai chi as performance art, women's self defence courses or tai chi as an add-on to karate.
This is akin to asking for a Big Mac at a Chinese take away. Or for Sainsbury's to sell you a used car. It is ridiculous. What do you expect us to say?  

Pre-class questions?

If you have any questions re the induction course, please e-mail these to me in advance of the session. I don't have access to e-mail late afternoon/evening on a Monday.

Medical questions?

If you have any medical questions, your doctor is the person to speak to. A tai chi teacher is not qualified (or permitted) to give advice on your unique medical condition. Go see your doctor.

Most students ask too many questions too soon. An inquisitive mind is not wrong, but too much questioning often signifies that the student failed to practice enough or didn't take time to analyse and investigate the problem on his own.

(Adam Hsu)

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