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Tai chi for health syllabus

To qualify as a tai chi for heath teacher it is necessary to complete the tai chi for health syllabus in its entirety.

1. Qigong

4 directions - forwards & backwards
4 directions - to the side
Ba duan jin (8 exercises)
Cloud hands
Full circle qigong (6 positions)
Moving qigong (8 exercises)
Opening & closing - to the side
Plate exercise
Pushing peng
Standing post
Standing qigong/3 circle qigong

Qigong development
Form posture qigong (70/30)
High circle qigong
Horse stance
Standing post with arms
Stretches & joint work

2. Form (regular & mirrored)

Long Yang form (slow form version)*

* this must be performed with no obvious errors whatsoever

3. Brain work (meditation, awareness, metacognition)

Breath meditation
Meditation on body sensations
Meditation on emotions

Recommended reading:

- There Are No Secrets
- The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
The Way of Chuang Tzu

- Tao Te Ching (The Way and Its Power)
- The Little Zen Companion
- Chang San-feng treatise
- Wang Tsung-yueh treatise
- Wu Yu-hsiang treatise
- The Inner Way
- Zen in the Art of Archery
- The Essence of Tai Chi Chuan
- Sword & Brush
- Steal My Art
- Commentaries on Living volume 2
- How to Win Friends and Influence People

- The Complete Taiji Dao
- The Tai Chi Journey

4. Partner work

4 directions with a partner
Central equilibrium maintain the centre
Eyes-closed walking
Leading & following (eyes-closed)
Palm at 3 distances
Peripheral vision
Place palms & shift weight (eyes-closed)
Posture testing
Pushing peng exercise
Single pushing hands

Yielding to a push
4 directions with a partner (no contact)
Single pushing hands (stepping)

5. Rest

Constructive rest

6. Fitness (introductory)

Psoas exercises
Leg stretches (2 sets)


7. Neigong (introductory)

70% stretch
Relaxing the knees rather than bending
Sinking & rooting/immovable foot
Using the hips to bend forwards
Using the sacroiliac to turn the torso
Wrist/shoulder/hip alignment

Pushing peng exercise (complete)
13 postures
Moving with kwa
Neigong (1-20)
Neigong (extras)
Obvious power (ming jing)
Reverse breathing
Spiral body

8. Teacher training

Induction course
Attitude & etiquette
Code of Conduct
Our ethos
Students with health issues
Attention span/distraction
Tailoring your tuition to suit the individual
Building relationships
Taking an interest in other people
Being patient
Managing expectations
Taoist solutions
Asking a student to leave
Large & small groups
Creating a group dynamic
The iGeneration
Knowledge base
Avoiding 'the cult of the personality'
Cultivating the right atmosphere
Time management
Weekly teaching practice in class
Class management methodology
Learning how best to handle difficult situations
Organising events
Handling the register
Designing your own personal teaching notes/scheme of work
On-line media training
Learn how to promote a class
Why the 'Life of Pi' is relevant
Lengthy debates/discussions with Rachel & Sifu Waller
Membership with a recognised body (i.e. The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain)

Greyed out items meet the required standard of skill.

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