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Terms & conditions

Black belt taijiquan students may ask to learn baguazhang... but there are conditions.


Baguazhang is not an entry-level martial art. It is not suitable for new starters. Practicing baguazhang without the prerequisite foundation skills is reckless and dangerous.
There is a significant risk of injury because the joints are not strong enough and the body is not flexible enough.
Our terms are dictated by the insurance company policy requirement and are not negotiable.


Taijiquan students exploring baguazhang must not neglect their taijiquan training. Baguazhang needs to be treated as a hobby - an extra - rather than their focus.

Foundation skills

A baguazhang student needs to acquire certain skills/attitudes ASAP:

Working on taijiquan blue belt curriculum (or higher grade)
Excellent balance
Excellent coordination
A willingness to commit to extra daily training at home
Skill with a wide variety of standing and moving qigong exercises
Whole-body strength
Whole-body movement
Whole-body power
Shuai jiao applications
Chin na applications
Form applications
Stretching exercises
Taoist Yoga
Sensitivity, stickiness and pressure


Please note that baguazhang will not be tutored on a Monday night and on-going tuition is subject to sustained progress.
A baguazhang student needs to be tutored every month in order to learn the curriculum, although weekly lessons are better.

Arranging tuition

Baguazhang can be taught in private lessons, at a baguazhang boot camp and during baguazhang workshops. These will be the only opportunity to study the second art.
Please contact Rachel to arrange tuition.

Kung fu

Baguazhang has never been taught for health purposes/benefits. It remains a distinctly martial form of kung fu.

I think that people don't appreciate the steep learning/practice curve when committing to a martial art. Baguazhang practice necessitates a lengthy period of extensive drilling, before learning palm changes.

Once palm changes are good enough (by Sifu Waller's standards), the drills can be discontinued and the daily commitment reduced to about 20 minutes. But that takes 5-10 years.


No time wasters please

Whilst Sifu Waller is willing to share the secrets of baguazhang, please don't waste his time. Training a second martial art isn't easy. If you don't put in the work, Sifu Waller won't tutor you.


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