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Indoor student

Chris is an indoor student, studying directly with Sifu Waller.

Teaching assistant

Chris is a tai chi for health
teaching assistant.

Intermediate (intermediate part 2)

Chris is working through the taijiquan syllabus.

2019 attendance

Chris has attended the required number of workshops for grading.

Tea Club

Chris is a member of the Tea Club.

The martial arts were not developed for the defence of soldiers fighting on battlefields. Neither are they sports. The combat that martial artists practice is free of restraints. Martial arts have one objective only: to neutralise an attack by any means, and as rapidly as possible.

(Howard Reid)

Taijiquan syllabus - student grades

Beginner (part 1)

Ba duan jin (8 exercises)
Form posture qigong
Full circle qigong
Moving qigong (15 exercises)
Reeling silk exercises (5 exercises)
Standing post
Standing qigong/3 circle qigong

Assignment #1 - Q & A
Assignment #2 - Attitude & etiquette

Beginner (part 2)

4 directions with a partner
Central equilibrium maintain the centre
Eyes-closed walking
Palm at 3 distances
Peripheral vision - mugger scenario
Posture testing
Pushing legs
Single pushing hands
Yielding exercise

Challenge full circle qigong (30 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge standing qigong (4 postures) (20 minutes x 4 weeks)

Beginner (part 3)

Long Yang form (section 1) (regular)
Monkey paws
Psoas exercises
Yielding basic skills

Challenge - form challenge (60 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge - yielding basic skills challenge (30 mins x 6 weeks)
Challenge - yielding exercise challenge (30 mins x 6 weeks)

Assignment #1 - Q & A
Assignment #2 - Attitude & etiquette

Intermediate (part 1)

Long Yang form (section 1) (mirrored)
Constructive rest
Floor work
- basics
- back-to-back

Horse stance
Knife drills
Leg stretches (2 sets)
Martial concepts

Challenge - knife drilling (30 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge - mirrored form (60 mins x 4 weeks)

Assignment #1 - Q & A
Assignment #2 - Martial concepts theory
Assignment #3 - The Sword Polisher's Record: The Way of Kung Fu

Intermediate (part 2)

Long Yang form (section 2) (regular)
Cardio work (2 sets)
Crescent moon
Monkey paws (5 hands)
Qigong development
Silk arms
Standing post with arms

Challenge - form challenge (section 2) (60 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge - qigong development (40 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge - silk arms (30 mins x 6 weeks)

Assignment #1 - A & E
Assignment #2 - There Are No Secrets

Greyed out
items meet the required standard of skill.

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