Energy levels

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Energy levels

This is about whether you feel fatigued, tired or vigorous. Some activities leave you feeling wiped out, whilst others don't. People can also drain you; with negative emotions and being needy/demanding.


A lot of things can make you feel drained:

- bad poise/posture putting the body under duress
- not being moderate; doing too much
- failure to rest, relax, stop
- time management/commitments, personal life, work
- strong stretching, exaggeration, over-commitment, disconnected movement and exertion are all physically taxing; wasting energy
- tensing the muscles e.g. body building, being sedentary, being uptight
- worrying/stress/over-thinking

Energy deficit

Modern life saps energy. People are often exhausted, unhappy, frustrated... They are frequently emotionally, physically and psychologically unbalanced. Feeling drained is commonplace.
Getting angry is normal. This is not a healthy way to live...

Spend your time wisely

You can address a lot of things to conserve energy:

  1. Balance

  2. Posture

  3. Poise

  4. Ergonomics

  5. Healthy joints use

  6. Flexibility

  7. Healthy skeletal alignment

  8. Optimal body use

  9. How your muscles work

  10. Coordination

  11. Timing

  12. How and why to relax your body

  13. Balanced use of the body

  14. Proprioception (relative position of body parts/awareness of how much strength is being applied)

  15. Rhythm

  16. Mind/body unity

  17. Leverage

  18. Kinaesthetic awareness (knowing where your limbs are positioned without needing to look)

  19. Biomechanics

  20. Footwork

  21. Biofeedback

  22. Ambidextrous use of the limbs

  23. Gait (manner of walking)

Faux energy

Sugar, caffeine, energy drinks, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sweets, over-stimulation, over-activity, loud music, TV, distractions... these all provide bad energy. Why is it bad?
Some of these energy sources affect your mind and your emotions, whilst others provide a short-term gain which costs you in the future.


Many people are essentially borrowing energy from the future just to get by. None of the faux energy sources affect your life in a good way. Over time you start to look old and feel really strung out.


When tired, rest. Eating food or taking stimulants to stay active and alert is unhealthy. Seeking activity is unwise. Just stop and rest. Your body needs to stop. It needs to repair, recover and grow.

Not relaxed?

Our culture is filled with things that make you anxious: the news, a
dvertising, marketing, media, fashion, trends, fads, gossip, customs, family, religion, peer pressure, war, work, ill health...
An anxious person thinks constantly, talks, competes, worries, over-eats and spends money. Instead of relaxing, they are compulsively active.

Retiring in the UK

When people retire in the UK they are often encouraged to remain active.
A common habit is to become embroiled in ceaseless activity. This can take many forms.


Well meaning people seeking to get fit wear themselves out by exerting unnecessarily. Avoid using muscular tension.
In tai chi we use only the minimal amount of strength; only what is necessary to hold your limb in place. Anything more is wasted.

Imagine waking up each morning full of energy and vitality yet also feeling calm and relaxed about the day to come. It sounds like a miracle yet this state of abundant health and wellbeing should be our birthright. In our natural state we would face each day with joy, peace, and a deep connection with our bodies.

(Jane Alexander)


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