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All by yourself?

Modern people are quite often alone and lonely. With the advent of widespread divorce, more people working from home, and the collapse of the 'nuclear family', society has changed dramatically.
Many of the changes are good. But some are not. There is a growing concern in society that being alone is more harmful than stress, drugs, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking.

Visit an oasis

Week in, week out, students attend tai chi classes. The instructor is always friendly. The lessons are always stimulating. Your fellow students are always courteous, well mannered and nice.
Your personal life may be in turmoil, your work life may be tedious or disappointing, yet tai chi class remains a constant: comfortable, familiar, friendly and fun.
Instead of being met by rivalry, one-upmanship and stress, you encounter friendship and warmth.

A respite

Tai chi class is a break from how you normally operate. It is an opportunity to set aside old habits and consider new, healthier approaches.

I like that there's no macho, aggressive attitude in the class, and that everyone is helpful and respectful of one another.


Social support

Students in a tai chi school are encouraged to interact with one another in a healthy, friendly manner. There is a supportive atmosphere of trust and care. The training hall is safe place to be.


The people who attend class with you have something in common. Something that you cannot explain to your friends, your family, your spouse or your colleagues.
At some point you became 'a seeker of the way'... This is not hokey, imaginary or religious (in the contemporary sense).
But it is a wonderful experience. Others around you may find their lives flat, disappointing, frustrating and empty. But not you. For you have something more.


Upbeat, positive, constructive conversation will really lift your mood. Be hopeful, optimistic, refreshing. Class is about being vital, alive; completely and fully.

People come to relax, to learn, to have a good night.

Page created 8 April 2007
Last updated 16 June 2023