Induction course

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3 week induction course

New students undertake a 3 week course. It offers an introductory understanding of tai chi.

20 for the 3 week course
3 Monday classes
Explore new skills every week
Receive corrections, tips & pointers
One-to-one help throughout the course

Having looked around for tai chi lessons for mainly health but also martial applications, what I found immediately obvious with Sifu Waller was the practical "real" teaching. None of the flowery waving arms about, but real scientifically provable methods to aid health and engage martial capability.

In my life free time is in short supply; I want a class where I get value for money and concentrated pure teaching, this school meets both these objectives.


When can you start the induction course?

Students can begin the course any time during the year. Just come down to the hall at 6:45 PM and sign-up.

What is the induction course for?

The induction course is for people who are interested in practicing taijiquan, tai chi for health or tai chi for fitness with us on a regular basis.
These 3 introductory lessons prepare the student for the training ahead. It teaches basic skills and insights pertinent to our curriculum.

Just a taste...

Explore the following
areas of study during the induction course:

  1. Qigong

  2. Form

  3. Meditation

  4. Whole-body strength

One-to-one tuition

The induction course is usually taught by Rachel. It is structured, straightforward, informative and logical. Students are welcome to ask questions about any of the topics being considered.
The more detailed aspects are taught one-to-one in order to improve comprehension.

After induction...

After the induction course most people ask to join the school.

Joan and I had decided that we both needed to look at a form of exercise for the over 60's - however as we are moderately fit this taxed our minds for a number of months - until Joan came across this school in Newcastle run by Sifu and Rachel Waller. The first 3 weeks are run as a taster session and to give an insight into the ways of QiQong - pronounced Chi Gung. How could I sum this exercise up, well after a 2-hour session your body is aware you have had a thorough work out. Its now been 2 months and as we slowly begin to understand the moves, its all beginning to click and feel natural.

Having been involved with sport all my life - I only wish we'd found this 30 years ago. Its all about being calm and at one with yourself whilst exercising. There's a group of 40 students who are the most friendly group of people I've come across in recent years. We have been made to feel very welcome and special - so if you think you are too old !!!! think again. If however your in your 20's / 30's jump at the chance to meet these great teachers. They get my 5* + rating and that's been rarely given out in the past.

(Martin K)

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