Induction course

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Learning tai chi

The first step in learning tai chi with our school is to do the induction course. After the induction course, students usually join the school and commit to weekly classes.

2 week induction course

New students undertake a 2 week course. It offers an introductory understanding of tai chi:

20 for the 2 week course
2 consecutive Monday classes
Explore new skills every week
Receive corrections, tips & pointers
One-to-one help throughout the course
The opportunity to ask questions

The induction course is taught by Rachel Waller.

How long does it run?

The induction course runs for 90 minutes per session. There are 2 sessions. 3 hours tuition in total.

An exercise class

Please bear in mind that during the induction course you will be on your feet and moving around for the
entire evening (apart from 2 short breaks).
Tai chi is a workout. The training is gentle, but if you're unfit, you may find it tiring at first.  

The Chinese exercise practice of tai chi can significantly boost the body's immune system response to virus infection.

(ABC Science, regarding a University of California study)

When can you start the induction course?

You can start your induction course any time. Just come down to the hall with your 20 (in cash) around 6:45 PM and we'll get you started.
Alternatively, if you want to register and pay online, please send an

What is the induction course for?

The induction course is for people who are interested in practicing qigong & tai chi (fitness training) or tai chi (martial art) with us on a regular basis.
These 2 introductory lessons prepare the student for the training ahead. It teaches basic skills and insights pertinent to our curriculum.

Do we offer one-off taster lessons?

No, we don't. Instead, we do a 2 week induction course in order to give the individual the opportunity to gain some sense of the vibe of the classes, and to allow us to see if the person has the wherewithal to commit to tai chi lessons.

Q & A

Students are welcome to ask questions about any of the topics being considered, the syllabus, the teachers and the school. School members will endeavour to answer all questions as fully as possible.

Join the school...

After the induction course people join the school.

Further reading


Tai chi class or school?

Before I came to Sifu Waller three years ago I had spent six years at four different classes trying to learn tai chi. None of them had a syllabus of any kind. Most were offering tuition of the simplified 24 step, with no self defence and no regard for the health of knees or back. The classes were for one hour only and cost about the same as ours.

(John Bell)


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