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When can I start?

Becoming a qigong & tai chi teacher is quite straightforward:

Begin by completing the entire qigong & tai chi syllabus
Attend class every week
Be committed to daily home practice
Receive weekly corrections and refinements from the instructor
Attend supplementary workshops
Read all of the relevant books on the reading list
Develop your metacognitive skills

Time scale

It typically takes at least 5 years for an earnest student to learn the entire qigong & tai chi syllabus.
Then, you learn how to teach...
The teacher training course is free of charge.

Subject knowledge

Before learning how to teach tai chi, you must have something worth teaching...
A trainee teacher must always understand and adhere to the essence of the art:

  1. Move your body in accord with The Tai Chi Classics 

  2. Train the 8 areas of study relevant to qigong & tai chi

  3. Maintain medically-sound body use

  4. Functionally apply the art in a skilful 'tai chi' way

  5. Employ the tai chi principles at all times

  6. Embody the teachings of Taoism

  7. 13 methods should be made manifest at all times

  8. Every movement is a whole-body movement

  9. A high standard of fitness is necessary

Providing these criteria are met to your instructor's satisfaction, you have an immense degree of freedom for personal expression and individual interpretation.


A qigong & tai chi teacher only needs to learn approximately 10% of the tai chi syllabus; just the forms, qigong exercises, pushing hands, partner work exercises etc.
This is not a lot of material to study.
There is no excuse for being an amateur.

Have integrity

Many modern tai chi classes offer a watered-down version of the art.
Often it is not even qigong & tai chi practice.
It may be more properly called 'tai chi-style exercise' or 'performance art tai chi'.
Containing none of the tai chi elements, and no understanding of the Classics or the principles, how can it be considered 'tai chi'?
Be better than this.

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