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Using material

Sometimes people ask if they can use material from this site. We always say yes, so please feel free to help yourself.  All we ask is:

  1. Reproduce the material in an unedited format

  2. Credit the site

  3. Link back to this site

This is not much to ask. The site is large and the information is free. You are welcome to it.

Using photos

All of the pictures on the website are our own. Please do not use our class logo.

Quotes & references

Our site uses plenty of quotes from other people. We encourage you to be inspired by the quote and go further. Research it for yourself. Ideally, go buy the book.


Our education and upbringing furnish us with many ideas and memories; we have knowledge and insights that are not our own and we cannot take credit for them.
Yet, we often put ideas together in ways that are uniquely our own. Perhaps we are not saying something new, but we are saying it in a different way.


Originality is difficult in modern society. Much of what we think and do has evolved from something else, and exists in a modified form.
This is not a problem, providing we admit the truth. Who and what inspired you? What prompted such an idea? Be honest. It feels good.

You can stand tall without standing on someone.

You can be a victor without having victims.

(Harriet Woods)


Deliberately taking another person's work and passing it off as your own is plagiary.
You may make slight adjustments here and there, but you know the truth and that is what ultimately matters.
If you want to use somebody else's insights, credit the author with them, make reference to them, link to them, list their books... Do not simply steal from people. Have some integrity.

A word from Rachel

This website is the product of decades of study, practice, insight and experience. Sifu Waller has shared his knowledge freely and without expectation of reward.
The pages are read by over a million people each year. We have received many grateful e-mails from readers.

Page created 6 March 1995
Last updated 04 May 2023