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The origin of laziness?

It is believed that laziness is a biological trait. A survival tool. In itself laziness is not necessarily a bad thing. People often see/hear the word 'lazy' as being a stigma and get defensive.
Imagine that you're a primitive human living in a valley 10000 years ago... The valley has all that you need. It is safe. It is free of hostile predators or rival tribes.
There would be no sense in going elsewhere. This is laziness. A desire to maintain the status quo. Not to change.


Not changing is fine if your circumstances are constant. But are they ever constant? Our bodies slowly deteriorate day-by-day. We could lose our job. Our partners could leave us. We might get ill.
Change is inevitable. Even if you stand still, life won't.
Yin/yang is about exchange. To get something, you have to give something. You have to do something.

Going too far

It is quite understandable that after a challenging day at work many people just want to sit down, eat a nice meal and watch TV. There isn't anything intrinsically wrong with this.
Providing it's in moderation.
The problem lies with the fact that people sit for hours in front of the TV/computer. Eating junk food. Drinking alcohol. At some point this becomes very unhealthy.

Comfort zone

If you spend a couple of hours a night watching actors perform roles in a TV show or movie, this is in lieu of you personally living your life.
Rather than have experiences/adventures of your own you are content to spectate. To be passive.
What could you do instead of watching TV, playing video games or going on the computer? The list is endless. All you need to do is cultivate a new habit. Step outside your comfort zone...

I'm not lazy...

People tend to get hung up on the word 'lazy' and spend a lot of effort defending their self image. Instead of doing this, think about what lazy means.
It isn't a judgment/criticism/attack on your character. It is simply a fact. Laziness is the unwillingness to change. To do new things. To leave the apparent safety of the familiar.

Most studies agree that there are a number of key personality characteristics that are important for healthy aging: easygoing, cheerful, self-confident, adaptable, active, independent, creative, happy, relaxed, satisfied, calm, open, agreeable, conscientious, sociable and having a high tolerance for frustration being mentioned most often.

The traits that lead to an unhealthy, shorter life? Being repressed, dogmatic, stubborn, hostile, neurotic, angry, guilty, sad, fearful, anxious, depressed and aggressive.

(Dr Bradley Wilcox, Dr Craig Wilcox and Dr Makoto Suzuki)


Taijiquan offers a multi-faceted approach to stepping outside your comfort zone and overcoming laziness. The physical practice involves many different activities; none of which are strenuous.
There is meditation. Guided relaxation. Reading ancient Chinese books. Interaction with friendly people. The exploration of ancient scientific insights and wisdom. Diet, lifestyle, balance...
In contrast with passively slouched in front of the TV, taijiquan offers a rich, vibrant, healthy alternative.

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