Lost places

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A bubble of stimulation

Most people exist in a bubble. They wake in their own home, get into their car and then go to work/shops/wherever. There is seldom any time spent in the fresh air.
Homes, cars and public places are usually filled with noise and stimulation. Visual images, flickering screens, twittering voices, gossip... Where is the peace in your life? The stillness?


There are quiet places to be found in every city and every town. You just have to seek them out. Lost places, where people seldom go. Leaves overgrown the streets and wildflowers are abundant.
Nature flourishes. The air is cleaner and there are no cars and few people.

The dark side of the street

Finding quiet places requires some degree of effort. They may be subject to time, day or season. You might need to get up very early or stay up very late. These places can be found.
In order to find these places, you must slow down. You must want to step off the treadmill, into the shade and find peace.

Notice things

The first indication of a growing sensibility for quietude lies in your capacity to notice the world around you. Instead of driving past in your noisy car, you walk slowly. You see.
Insignificant-seeming things catch your attention: a butterfly, a leaf, a flower, the sound of an insect or the call of a bird. If you experience genuine awe and delight, then you are learning.

Chattering monkey

If you do not commit time to quiet study and rest, your mind may never know stillness. Even in the midst of stunning beauty and peace, tranquillity will elude you.


To find lost places you need to become a little lost yourself. Not lost in drink, drugs, illusion or stimulation. Quite the opposite. You will need your wits about you.
You need to step off the familiar pathways of your life and walk somewhere different.


There are places to be found everywhere you go. The lack of cars, people and noise will be your initial clue. Look for signs of nature. A feeling of serenity and peace may settle upon you.
Do not panic. Just stay with it and enjoy.

It refrains from forms of intellectual entanglement, self-regard and affectation in order to discover the unadorned truth of nature.

 (Andrew Juniper)

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