What is biomechanics?
It is the study of the structure and function of biological systems

Every tai chi form movement has a martial purpose

The student must understand why they are doing each movement, otherwise that movement is meaningless and most likely incorrect

Neigong aims to unite the separate parts of the body so that they can function as one congruent, connected, loose network of power

Jing is concerned with using biomechanics effectively when in physical relationship with another person

Fighting necessitates a firm grasp of range, reach, timing, balance, alignment, positioning, rhythm and power

The Tai Chi Classics
Tai chi movements must conform to the authenticity guidelines outlined in The Tai Chi Classics

Biomechanical advantage
Unbroken power and unorthodox movements are designed to offer a biomechanical advantage in combat

Surprising and very exciting! The biomechanics are remarkable; you learn so much about how to use your body in a healthier, more dynamic way.

(Dr Adriana Chilińska)