How often do you teach?
Our main class takes place on a
Monday night 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Where is the class?
Community Hall, St Andrew's Church, Station Road, Benton, NE12 8AW

New starters welcome
Start your induction course any Monday (except Bank Holidays)

How much does the induction course cost?
20 (cash) for
2 sessions

What time should I arrive?
Around 6:45 PM

How old do you need to be?
The minimum age is 18
Most of our students are aged between 30

An exercise class
You will be on your feet and working out for approximately 90 minutes

What should you wear for class?
Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes

Does tai chi involve physical contact?
Yes it does

Before I came to Sifu Waller three years ago I had spent six years at four different classes trying to learn tai chi. None of them had a syllabus of any kind. Most were offering tuition of the simplified 24 step, with no self defence and no regard for the health of knees or back. The classes were for one hour only and cost about the same as ours.

(John Bell)