Kung fu

Kung Fu

What is kung fu?
Kung fu is a Chinese fighting system that has been practiced for thousands of years

Fighting skills
Students learn how to strike using various parts of the body, misplace bones, seize muscles, target vulnerable areas and take their opponents to the ground

What do we teach?

• Chin na (seizing)
• Shuai jiao (take downs)
• Tai chi chuan (dynamic balancing boxing)
• Neigong (whole-body strength)
• Jing (whole-body power)
• Self defence
• Weapons

Ancient Chinese teachings
Biomechanics and combat principles combine to produce pragmatic, functional skills

Health & fitness
Using the body in a healthy, ergonomic, balanced way is essential in kung fu

Whole-body power
Our kung fu involves using the whole body for continuous, ongoing power

Kung fu
Practicing since 1975, teaching since 1995


For those of us who’ve been involved in martial arts for some time, and have some experience of Chinese arts and teachers, I feel we can be confident that with Sifu Waller we have stumbled upon a treasure trove of authentic Chinese martial arts.
It’s tremendously exciting as the lineage and history is abundantly clear in his approach.


Why do kung fu?