Rachel is very comprehensive and I felt welcomed.
Going to this school is one of the most enriching experiences I had so far.


Every exercise that is taught is based on extensive experience and in contrast with other tai chi schools there is no talk of chi or other esoteric concepts, instead the instructors discuss biomechanics and mention what muscle groups work in different exercises. The quality and the effect of the exercises is incredibly beneficial to both the mental and the physical health of the students.


When you watch somebody perform Sifu Waller's tai chi it looks like nothing special is happening, but the power being produced is incredible. Surprising and very exciting! The biomechanics are remarkable; you learn so much about how to use your body in a healthier, more dynamic way.

(Dr Adriana Chilińska)

Having attended the school for a number of months now what is happening for me is nothing short of incredible. I've increased strength and muscle tone similar to when I attended a gym for years.

(Tony Jackman)

I learned more from Sifu Waller in 6 months than I did in almost 2 years with my previous school.


Sifu Waller teaches a complete syllabus which develops body mechanics, martial application and mental development in a way which I would not have believed before starting!
Like so many others in the class, I just wish I had found it earlier!

(Dr Ben Beattie)

Definitely worth studying and in terms of practicing the art, Sifu Waller is bewildering (in a good and incredibly impressive way).

(Dr David Cousins)

Sifu Waller is one of these men that you respect as soon as you meet him just by his behaviour.