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Come as you please

Some people want to attend tai chi classes as a pay-as-you-go student.
Instead of having corrections and one-to-one attention, they want to simply follow along with the group.
They have no interest in becoming a member of our school.

Zero commitment

The drawback with
pay-as-you-go is that it doesn't actually work. Tai chi was designed to be done every day.
If a student is unwilling to attend weekly lessons, then they're highly unlikely to train at home between classes...

Good intentions

Pay-as-you-go students have good intentions. They plan to attend frequently and make irregular, but steady progress... It sounds great, doesn't it?
In reality they attend 2-3 lessons maximum and then stop tai chi altogether.

Taster session?

People sometimes want a tai chi taster session before committing to membership. This is understandable. It is why we offer an induction course.

Other schools

Some tai chi classes cater for
pay-as-you-go. We do not. If you are seeking drop-in tuition, please look elsewhere.

Worth reading

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Sign up for the 3 week induction course, you need to commit to this as a minimum to even begin to get a sense of how useful studying tai chi can be for you.



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