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Chill out

Spend a pleasant evening doing qigong and tai chi for health.
There is no commitment, no contract and you only pay for the night.

Come as you please

Pay-as-you-go students attend classes without becoming a member of our school.

Enjoy the evening

Instead of having
corrections and one-to-one attention, pay-as-you-go students simply follow along with the group.

When is the class?

Monday nights @ 7:00 PM.


The 90 minute session costs 7.50.

A healthy workout

The exercises are low impact, do not strain the body and can be practiced by anyone who can perform the movements.
The benefits will affect your everyday life:

Get fit
Increase stamina and endurance
Gain an unusual form of strength
A calm mind and composed emotions
Mobile joints, relaxed muscles and natural movement
Boost energy
Improved balance
Use millennia old Chinese wisdom in everyday life  
Confidence and resourcefulness
Improved skeletal alignment, poise and coordination

The people who attend the classes are all friendly, respectful and genuinely interested in what we are learning which makes attending the classes really enjoyable.


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Page created 8 May 1996
Last updated 1 March 1999