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Summary of prices

3 week induction course 20
Membership fee 40/month

3 week induction course 20

30 minutes of qigong exercises
30 minutes of L
ong Yang form
30 minutes of partner work
Introduction to preliminary tai chi concepts
One-to-one assistance

Membership fee 40/month

Monday night tuition
2 hour lessons
Option of studying taijiquan (supreme ultimate fist), tai chi for health or tai chi for fitness
Fully-differentiated syllabus, 13 areas of study, brain work (meditation, awareness, metacognition),
informal assessments, one-to-one guidance, bespoke learning
5 taijiquan forms: Long Yang, sabre, walking stick,
jian (straight sword), pao chui (cannon fist)
Medically sound biomechanical insights and ergonomic practices
Chin na (seizing), shuai jiao (take downs), self defence, form applications, weapons training, martial theory & practical application
Neigong (whole-body strength)
Jing (whole-body power)
Taoism & Zen
private lessons
Opportunity to attend workshops, boot camp and class social events

I'm thoroughly enjoying the training; it is on a completely different level to anything I've done previously.




Private lesson
Corporate hire

Worth reading

The essence of the art 

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