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In modern society, people want easy solutions. You have a headache, so you take a pill. The headache may ease - but is the underlying cause being addressed?
Unless you consider the cause, surely the headache will return?

Quick fix

The 'quick fix' is a myth. Problems that develop over time usually take quite a while to fix. Debt, weight loss, poor health - these things cannot be solved instantly.
Progressive, patient work is required.

Trade off

Yin/yang symbolises the process of exchange. You want a new car? You must pay. You want to learn French? You must study, set time aside, practice and persevere.
You want to eat healthily? You will need to research, buy fresh ingredients, prepare and cook the food.


People commonly believe that they can have it all without having to give anything up. This is simply naive. To have one thing you must give up something else.


Learning something new can take years of study and practice. You need endurance, stamina and commitment. Imagine if you could obtain a university degree after only one week of study?
Would you value it?

Make an effort

T T Liang said that you must steal the tai chi from your instructor. The instructor cannot just give it to you. If you must work for it, then you value it.

Pain is the sensation our body uses to influence our judgement.
Pain tells us that something is not right - this is the most important aspect of pain.
Resisting pain, such as masking it with painkillers, can make things worse.

The earliest symptoms of pain should be heeded.

(Philip Maffetone)

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