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The lesson starts at 7:00 PM

A martial artist needs to have self-discipline, focus, control. There is no scope for sloppiness. The tai chi lesson starts at 7:00 PM. Be there on time.


Warm-up starts on arrival 7:00 PM and lasts for 30 minutes. Choose from:

  1. Ba duan jin (8 exercises)

  2. Plate exercise

  3. 4 directions - forwards & backwards

  4. 4 directions - to the side

  5. Standing post

  6. Standing post with arms

  7. Opening & closing - to the side

  8. Cloud hands

  9. Moving qigong (8 exercises)

  10. Leg stretches (set 1 or 2) or psoas exercises

  11. Stretches & joint work (12 exercises)

  12. Horse stance

  13. High circle qigong (5 mins)

  14. Qigong on one leg (5 mins)

  15. Horse stance qigong (10 mins)

  16. Standing qigong (15 mins)

  17. Standing qigong (4 postures) (20 mins)

  18. Full circle qigong (30 mins)

  19. Qigong development (40 mins)


If you are late, you still have to warm-up for 30 minutes.

Missed a week?

If you missed last weeks class, please perform full circle qigong for 30 minutes.


Nobody is exempt from warm-up unless Sifu Waller pointedly knows they train at home and permits them to train something else.

Many beginners think that they do not need to warm-up. Skipping a warm-up will automatically result in pain later on, and that will restrict your fighting abilities. A good pre-workout warm-up protects against future aches and pains. Furthermore, it is also an immediate factor in improving performance.

(Frederic Delavier)

The risk of injury in combat sports is especially high. To prevent injury, do the following: 1) Learn to warm-up well before any exercise, 2) Do everything possible to accelerate recovery between workouts.

(Frederic Delavier)


If you have a standing qigong challenge to perform, start on arrival. If you have a form challenge, warm-up with the group until 7:00 PM, then do your form challenge.


Tardy students need to learn that wanting to do tai chi does not make you martial artist. Only your behaviour can do that. Turning up on time is an excellent starting place.


If you hope to arrive late, skip warm-ups and just get on with the training, please be aware that Sifu Waller will notice.
And he will not be happy that you flout our insurance policy liability criteria. His solution will be concise: you will work with the qigong & tai chi group for the entire night.
This is not a punishment. It is a reminder: health comes first.

Nothing can substitute for serious practice. Practice seriously, correctly and patiently. Use your brain, not just your body. Don't hide weaknesses in your training. Don't lie to yourself. If you cheat, you only cheat yourself.

(Adam Hsu)

I don't stop when I'm tired.
I only stop when I'm done.

(Marilyn Monroe)




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