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Right idea, wrong method?

As people age, they pine for the freedom and fitness of youth. Often, they pursue 'solutions' that are far from ideal:

  1. Exercise methods that brutally punish the body

  2. Aesthetic changes

These approaches fail to address the underlying issues and seldom result in a long-term positive change. The main concerns need to be: mind, body, attitude and lifestyle.

Youth passes

Clinging to the illusion that beauty can only be found in youth is one folly of modern society. People pay for plastic surgery and expensive cosmetic products in the hope of looking younger.
Yet, youth is just part of the aging process. Once it has gone, do not chase it. Instead of pining for what has been, enjoy what is happening now.

There is a time for putting together.
And another time for taking apart.
He who understands this course of events
Takes each new state in its proper time
With neither sorrow nor joy.
The Ancients said: "The hanged man cannot cut himself down."

(Chuang Tzu)


Skin deep

Spa day, plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments, poor exercise and dyeing your hair are not ideal methods for rejuvenation. They typically only address the superficial.
Your face may look younger, but that is all... an aesthetic change is a surface change.

Miracle cure?

There is no miracle cure for aging. We will age no matter what we do. But we can address the quality of our lives. We can age with dignity, strength, a sharp mind and reasonable fitness.


One major area to consider is lifestyle. Our lifestyles choices and habits reflect how we think and what is important to us. Much of what we do is the outcome of familiarity.
We do what we are accustomed to doing. Change is often met with stubbornness, pride, suspicion and fear.


How we move conveys energy and youth not how buff we are.

(Anne Elliott)

Youthful mind

Why not re-discover what really makes a person youthful? Look at the characteristics of a youthful mind:

  1. Curious

  2. Loving

  3. Imaginative

  4. Resilient

  5. Optimistic

  6. Trusting

  7. Kind

  8. Attentive

  9. Adaptable

  10. Indifferent to time

  11. Takes initiative

  12. Appreciates the simple things

  13. Earnest

  14. Wonderment

  15. Awe

  16. Commits to things they enjoy

  17. Artless

  18. Finds things out

  19. Has few habits

  20. Says YES

  21. Fresh

  22. Playful

  23. Creative

  24. Fascinated by the ordinary

  25. Not anxious

  26. Laughing

  27. Takes risks

  28. Lacking refinement

  29. Observant

  30. Not petty

  31. Joy

  32. Loves to rest/sleep/relax

  33. Improvisation

  34. No real sense of 'self-image'

  35. Vigour

  36. Not fixed

  37. Keen to learn new things

  38. Does things for themselves

  39. Not thinking about the future

  40. Motivated

  41. Keen to try things out

  42. Enthusiastic

  43. Natural

  44. Flexible

  45. Willingness to change

  46. No fixed opinions

  47. Keen to listen

  48. Open minded

  49. Not political, not interested in the news, gossip etc

  50. Passionate

  51. Embracing new things

  52. Keen to make friends

  53. Celebrates without the need for alcohol or drugs

  54. Enjoys a challenge

  55. Uncontrived

  56. Does not expect things to be easy

  57. Asks lots of questions

  58. Exploring the immediate

  59. Not speculating

  60. Loves mystery

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