Visiting the instructor's home
Written by Rachel

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The training hall

When we rent out a training hall we start each night by cleaning the hall. Throughout the night we ensure that the hall is treated with care and respect.
We take responsibility for our behaviour and the conduct of the students.

Your instructor's home

Visiting your instructor's home is somewhat trickier than attending a church hall. This is where your instructor lives. Can you appreciate the significance of this fact?
If you are clumsy, careless or stupid in their home... it's pretty rude isn't it?

Good manners have much to do with emotions.
To make them ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them.

(Amy Vanderbilt)

Don't park in the back lane

At the risk of stating the obvious, residents want to park outside their house. So please don't take their parking spot. Antagonising our neighbours doesn't do us any favours.

Don't talk loudly in the back lane

Since we're teaching from home, we need to be discreet. If students are loudly talking when coming to our home or leaving it, this attracts unwanted attention.
Please show some consideration.

Don't make yourself too comfortable

In the West people are encouraged to 'make themselves at home' when visiting somebody else's house. This is not the case in Asia. Always remember to respect the other person's home...

Common sense

In Asia, no one wants to look rude when visiting somebody's house. Here are some tips:

  1. Don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you
    - be careful not to knock things off/over
    - never pick anything up
    - watch where you swing your bag

  2. Do not wear your shoes in our house

  3. Bow to Sifu as soon as you see him

  4. Ask where to put your coat/bag
    - if you know where to put them, just do so

  5. If you want to use the toilet, just go
    - remember to leave the toilet in a clean condition so that somebody else can use it

  6. Don't open a closed door (unless it is the bathroom)
    - if you don't know if the bathroom is vacant, knock gently and ask  

It is just common sense really.

Shoe sense

The Asian/hygienic habit of removing shoes isn't all that weird in our sanitizer/pandemic climate. Filthy shoes trail dog dirt and other rubbish indoors, where we live.

Shoe removal is easy

Asian children can learn how to do this, so I'm sure that you can too:

  1. Step up to the outside door

  2. Undo your laces

  3. Step out of your shoes and onto the mat

  4. Turn around and pick up your shoes

  5. Put your shoes in the utility room

When leaving the house, just reverse the process:

  1. Pick up your shoes

  2. Stand on the mat in stocking feet

  3. Place your shoes outside in the yard

  4. Step into your shoes

  5. Tie your shoelaces

If you are struggling to remember/do this, please note that Sifu Waller is prepared to demonstrate the correct method. Please be considerate and respect our home.

Careful, as if crossing a frozen river.
Alert, as if aware of danger.
Respectful, like a guest.
Yielding, like melting ice.
Simple, like a valley.

Be still, and allow the mud to settle.
Remain still, until it is time to act.

(Lao Tzu)

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