Bear witness

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The deer

There was a deer laid out at the side of the road, its fur torn and blood everywhere.
A policeman was kneeling beside the deer, speaking gently to it, his hand stroking its side.
The deer was clearly dying.

Real pain

It was a scene of needless death, sadness and revulsion.
This beautiful creature had been hit by a car, scraped along tarmac and left to die.

Real human

Our response is to turn away, but like that policeman we must not.
Your feelings make you human; be moved by them and act.
What you feel says so much about who you are.

Be real

A life is passing. Every life matters. Bear witness.

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.

(Benjamin Disraeli)


In memory of Paul Barry, student & friend
Page created 29 May 1995

Last updated 02 August 2017