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Creativity is the blossoming of the imagination. It is a spontaneous process.
When thought stills, new ideas emerge.
A person cannot will creativity into being; it simply happens.
It is the ability to see alternatives.


Constant chattering does not permit movement. A quiet mind cannot be forced.
Thoughts must be allowed to come and go without concern.
Awareness is enough to begin the calming process.
When comparison, memory, perspective and novelty cease to distract or concern you, the mind will settle.
Stillness of thought and inner peace permit the mind to operate freely.


Creativity is not a continuation of the old.
It is the process of growth, development and change.
Following an existing path or method is not creative.
A creative mind is uncovering new possibilities with every step.
The how/nature/way of things is the home of creativity.



It is important to immerse yourself in the event itself. When the 'you' ceases, creativity begins.
Self-consciousness prevents freedom and the mind is crippled by fear and doubt.
A passionate person does not care what another thinks and will find their own way rather than copy another.
Conformity is not creative.


Passion and desire are not to be confused.
Desire is merely the quest for ownership; whereas passion is an emotionally-focussed state of being.
Shen is passion; the absolute immersion of self into the moment.
Creativity and passion are the yin and yang of genuine insight and development.
Unless you are able to let-go of tension, fear, memory, self-consciousness and seeking - there will be no true creativity.
A passionate, creative person feels truly alive.

To be creative means to be in that state in which truth can come into being.


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