Brown belts
Tai chi chuan syllabus - beginner's level

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Students have passed the first 8 belts:

  1. White 1

  2. White 2

  3. Yellow 1

  4. Yellow 2

  5. Orange

  6. Green

  7. Blue

  8. Purple

Attendance requirement

To train the brown belt syllabus, students must attend:

Weekly tuition
A minimum of 20 workshops per calendar year

Failure to do so will mean no grading and no progress. The worst case scenario for very poor commitment will be transfer to qigong & tai chi.
If you haven't signed-up for workshops, don't ask to be assessed/graded in class.

Darker belts

Brown 1 and brown 2 are for students willing to make the level of commitment associated with martial arts training.

I'm strong enough to tear apart rhinoceros hide and drag nine oxen by the tail
- yet I still lament my weakness.

(King Hsuan of Chou)


There are 2 brown belts to pass and no charity at all. Students are encouraged to train hard and push to get through these final beginner's belts.

Brown 1

Long Yang form (lines of force version)
Central equilibrium
- fixed feet
Crescent moon
Da lu
Kicking game
- evasive body focus
- sustained & varied kicking
Sword drills

Challenge - da lu (60 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge - lines of force form (regular & mirrored) (60 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge - sword drills (30 mins x 4 weeks)

Recommended reading -
 The Book of Five Rings 

Brown 2

Long Yang form (fingers as fists)

Being hit
Breath meditation

Combat stance
Core strength exercises
(3 sets)

Double pushing hands
Monkey paws (stepping)
Qigong on one leg
San sau
Slam ball challenge

Striking pads
- focus mitt, squashy pad, round pad

Challenge - double pushing hands (60 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge - fingers as fists form (regular & mirrored) (60 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge san sau (30 mins x 6 weeks)

Recommended reading - The Way of Chuang Tzu
Reading is optional

Reading is optional, but failure to read the books will impede progress and hinder understanding.

Further reading

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