Shuai jiao skills

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Different skills

Shuai jiao incorporates a wide range of different skills:

  1. Applications

  2. Combining chin na, shuai jiao & jing

  3. Dying ground

  4. Everybody falls

  5. Finishing-off

  6. Floor work

  7. Floor work (control)

  8. Flowing shuai jiao applications

  9. Freeform triangle

  10. Mutual arising

  11. Shuai jiao against a knife

  12. Shuai jiao: elbow & bump

  13. Shuai jiao: footwork

  14. Shuai jiao: throws

  15. Shuai jiao: use of legs

  16. Yielding/shuai jiao

No effort required

Although shuai jiao is essentially about taking the opponent to the floor, there are a multitude of options available.
Unlike conventional martial arts, there are no 'hip throws' or other strenuous methods in the syllabus. Everything must be easy, fast and flowing.


Shuai jiao is highly dependent upon footwork. Your ability to position your body relative to the attacker is of paramount importance. Speed, accuracy and balance are a given.


Clumsy, rough, brutal use of the body will not work in tai chi shuai jiao. It will alert the attacker and they will involuntarily tense up against your counter. Stealth is required.

Why bother?

Shuai jiao is immensely effective and psychologically unsettling for the attacker. Hitting the floor is tiring. Getting up off the floor is tiring.

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