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3 social events

There are three social events that all school members are asked to attend:

  1. Start of the Training Year

  2. Chinese New Year

  3. The last Monday of the calendar year

Meeting at these times gives school members an opportunity to get to know one another better.


Not your scene?

Why not give it a go? Often your impression of school members is very limited and one-sided.
People are different in different contexts, and the beginner's class is Sifu Waller at his most formal and reserved. He's way more laid back and humorous when not teaching the class.
Meeting people out of class can really help you to get along with one another. We're not interested in competitiveness and rivalry. We want fun, mutual respect and friendship in class.
It's only two nights a year... surely you can make an effort?

School spirit

You're part of something. You're a member of a tai chi school and you've committed yourself to learning a challenging martial art. Most of the people you know in your daily life don't care about tai chi.
Your dedication to the journey is worth celebrating with your classmates. This is an undertaking you're sharing together.

Dress code

Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Social secretary

The social secretary is responsible for finding a suitable venue, determining who wants to attend, booking a table and collecting the tip.

Start of the Training Year

This celebration is an important one because students have committed themselves to a further year of training. We usually meet around the first week of September.
The meal takes place @ 7 PM in a public restaurant.
We try to keep the costs down and ask students to make a commitment as far in advance as they can.
All school members are bonded by their resolve to learn tai chi. Celebrating the camaraderie of class in this social setting is a very healthy way to start the Training Year.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year involves a formal meal at a public restaurant. We try to keep the costs down and ask students to make a commitment as far in advance as they can.  
The meal takes place @ 7 PM. You are encouraged to bring family/friends/partner or spouse along to the Chinese New Year celebration.

The last Monday of the calendar year

This is an opportunity to bring some food and soft drinks to class and enjoy a pre-Christmas bit of fun before we break up for the calendar year.
Everyone is expected to bring something to share.

Other events

There are other events such as Boot Camp that have a social element to them. They are wonderful ways to gain deeper insight into the class and the syllabus.


When at a class event in public, you represent the class.

This means:

No rowdy
No drunkenness
No brawling

Sifu Waller takes your conduct as students of this school very seriously.

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