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Our tai chi classes are not 'pamper sessions'. We are tutoring a martial art, and every student is expected to work hard towards learning the system.
The lessons are relaxing, fun and diverse, but you will be exercising. We will be attentive and helpful, but ultimately every student is responsible for their own progress.
If you do not practice at home, and are unenthusiastic in class, what do you think will happen?  How do you expect to make progress?

Lazy culture

Modern culture is perhaps the laziest in recorded human history. Technology, conveniences and fast food have created a society of obese, lethargic people.
The so-called 'third world' countries scrabble to maintain a baseline living standard whilst the West wallows in luxury. Television is the worst culprit of all. Many people sit and watch it every day.
They stare at the hypnotic screen and their minds and bodies deteriorate slowly. Computers and cars need mentioning too.
How many people sit in darkened rooms, crouched over the screen, immobile - scrolling for hours through meaningless junk - clicking repetitively on their mouse?
How many people drive somewhere local, when it would be far healthier (and cheaper) just to walk?

Your responsibility

Not everyone likes our classes. We will not hold your hand. We will not reassure you. We will not stand with you all night long. Beginners are encouraged to work solo, with a partner and in groups.
How well you do is up to you. We supply the material, the guidance and the practice partners. But you must do all the hard work.

Copying is cheating

Many classes only teach warm-ups and form, so you can get away with copying the herd.
If the teacher were to stop and ask the class to do the training by themselves, very few students would know what to do. Sifu Waller is different.
Copying is not tolerated and lazy students looking for a quick fix are disappointed.

Can't remember?

What an embarrassing admission. The problem is laziness, not memory.
A student who works through a list of exercises on a training handout regularly at home will find themselves referring to the handout less and less.
Eventually, they will know the order and the list becomes unnecessary. If this doesn't work for you, buy a class DVD.

You give, you get

We know where every student is in terms of the syllabus. We know the name of everyone. We know their strengths and weaknesses in terms of tai chi. When a student is trying hard, we know that too.
Any person who works hard is immediately noticed and assisted. It does not matter whether you are gifted or struggling - it is the attitude we are looking for.
Lazy people are not given undue attention. Keen students meet us halfway, and make strong progress.

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