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A small business

Newcastle Tai Chi is a small business. As such, we need a certain number of students to commit to classes in order to offer those classes. If insufficient people sign-up, we cannot run that class.


Once we have enough people, the session goes ahead. We will teach a very small number - for low profit - simply because the attendees are keen and want to learn. But we're not a charity.

Workshop refunds

Now, what happens if somebody pulls out? What if 2-3 people pull out? Providing they've paid, there's no issue. But if they want their money back, we may find ourselves not meeting the minimum number for a viable class.
What do we do? Run the class at a loss? At our expense? That is not good business and will lead to school closure if adopted as a business practice.

Or Plan B... do we refund the fees of the remaining attendees and deprive them of a session because other students pulled out?
It's a 'rock and hard place' scenario. Unless we say NO to refunds. Now, we can run the session with a reduced student attendance but no loss of income. And the keen attendees are not inconvenienced.

Transferring your place

People - knowing that we say NO to refunds - ask to transfer their booking. This is simply a refund in disguise.

What if NTC cancels a workshop that you've paid for?

Then, we will offer to transfer your place. After all, we are the ones who cancelled, not you. And we don't want people to lose out.

Refund of standing order

We request 7 days notice if you are planning to leave the school. That way the student has the time to cancel their standing order in advance. Should the standing order be sent after notice has been given, we will immediately refund the amount.

Your agreement with us

New students sign a 'Registration Form' and school members sign a 'Membership Agreement'.
The registration form states: "I have read and understand the code of conduct. I am prepared to adhere to the class rules." This is signed after reading the Code of Conduct and Etiquette notices.
The Etiquette notice says: "If the class is not to your liking or you fail to turn up for lessons, please note that we do not give refunds."
The Terms of Membership and Code of Conduct page states: "
Students pay fees regardless of attendance (like a gym membership)" and "If you go on holiday, are off sick or can't make class for whatever reason, we won't give a refund."

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