Leaving the school
Written by Rachel

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Leave with dignity

If you want to leave Newcastle Tai Chi, just send a polite e-mail letting us know.
Accept that it is time to move on. There's nothing wrong with this. People change. You change.
Just leave politely, sensibly and without making a fuss.


The beginnerís enthusiasm is such that he cannot imagine what blocks could lie ahead to halt his progress. If some decisive challenge to his continuing on does occur at this early stage, he will likely abandon his practice altogether.

(Dave Lowry)

Think ahead...

If you are thinking about leaving, then take a moment to plan it out:

  1. Cancel your standing order

  2. Give Rachel 7 days notice by e-mail

Cancel your standing order

We request 7 days notice if you are planning to leave. That way the student has the time to cancel their standing order in advance.

Refund of standing order

Should the standing order be sent after notice has been given, we will immediately refund the amount.

No refund

If you fail to give notice, don't attend classes or decide to cancel after the first of the month we will not refund the monthly fee.
Similarly, if you attend classes and cancel halfway through the month, we will not refund the remainder of the standing order value.
Please look at our Refunds page for further information.

What you signed

New students sign a 'Registration Form' and school members sign a 'Membership Agreement'.
The registration form states: "I have read and understand the code of conduct. I am prepared to adhere to the class rules." This is signed after reading the Code of Conduct and Etiquette notices.
The Etiquette notice says: "If the class is not to your liking or you fail to turn up for lessons, please note that we do not give refunds."
The Terms of Membership and Code of Conduct page states: "
Students pay fees regardless of attendance (like a gym membership)"

Not paying standing order

If you don't pay your standing order, we'll chase you up. Once. If no payment is forthcoming or you start talking about pay-as-you-go, we'll treat you as having left Newcastle Tai Chi.

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