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Can I become a tai chi teacher?

We welcome anyone who wants to become a teacher. You need to be an excellent communicator and to be genuinely interested in other people and their wellbeing.

How long?

It typically takes at least 5 years for an earnest student to learn the entire qigong & tai chi (fitness training) syllabus. Then... you can learn how to teach.

How much?

The teacher training course is free of charge.

Mandatory factors

To ensure subject knowledge, aptitude and meet our insurance policy requirements, certain factors must be taken into account:

  1. School member paying by monthly standing order

  2. Weekly attendance

  3. Practicing daily at home between classes

  4. 5 years experience with our school (qigong & tai chi)

  5. Completed the qigong & tai chi syllabus

Would be kung fu (Chinese boxing) instructors need to have passed the '3rd dan black belt' with our school.

Work hard

Being a teacher is more than just talent. You need to put in the work. Not only must you be good at tai chi, you must also learn how to teach.
This is why there is a teacher training course for would-be teachers.

Know your stuff

In order to instruct, you need something to teach. You require subject knowledge. Begin as a new starter and work your way through the syllabus.
Quite simply - if you don't know the syllabus, what are you planning on teaching?

Receive guidance & feedback

eacher training for each level is an on-going process over many months. It involves:

  1. Class management methodology

  2. Weekly teaching practice in class

  3. Principles

  4. Designing your own personal teaching notes/scheme of work

  5. Questionnaires

  6. On-line media training

  7. Learn how to promote a class

  8. Lengthy debates/discussions with Sifu Waller

These teaching concerns are all in addition to your personal development through the syllabus.

Teacher training in our school

There are a number of stages to work through:

1) Qigong & tai chi

  1. Helper

  2. Assistant teacher

  3. Qigong & tai chi teacher

2) Martial

  1. Assistant instructor (tai chi)

  2. Tai chi instructor

  3. Kung fu instructor (chin na, shuai jiao & tai chi chuan)

qigong & tai chi (fitness training)

A tai chi teacher trained by our school has:

At least 5 years experience
A professional teaching qualification/long-term extensive teaching experience under the guidance of a reputable instructor
At least 10,000 hours of practice behind them
10,000 hours of continued improvement, insight and development

Teaching certificate

Every tai chi teacher trained by Sifu Waller is given a signed certificate confirming their competence. The certificate details precisely what the individual is qualified to teach.

The more I get into this, the more I realise how lucky we are as a class. I've just been reading the part about finding a good teacher in the Sword Polisher's Record. We are incredibly lucky. Most people could look their whole lives and never find anything close. Sifu Waller's painting masterpieces and we can't even hold the crayons... 


Short courses

We do not offer short teacher training courses

Weekend courses

We do not offer weekend teacher training courses

Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers and physiotherapists occasionally e-mail to ask if we can teach them a few "basic" tai chi skills for them to use with their patients. We say no.
Such requests are embarrassing.
Imagine that you have a serious illness and seek the reputed health benefits of tai chi... Who would you rather study with: A) a skilled, experienced instructor? or B) a well-meaning amateur?

Something is better than nothing...

Apologists argue that learning tai chi from an amateur is better than not doing tai chi at all. How so? Would you entrust an amateur dentist with your teeth? A partially trained optician with your eyes?
An unqualified physiotherapist?

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