Imperfect health

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Less than perfect

Most adults do not have perfect health. Invariably they suffer from poor
sleep, stress, fatigue and various other ailments. Often, they are overweight and may experience varying degrees of depression.
Tai chi for health is not the solution. It will not serve as a cure-all. To imagine this to be the case is naive.

Work in progress

What tai chi offers is a way in which to work with what you have and improve your situation considerably. It helps you to reconsider how you live, and your relationship with the world around you.
The tai chi enables you to cope. To live a good quality of life despite hereditary illnesses or accidents you may experience.

Taking illness seriously

Ignoring an illness is foolish. The condition may well get far worse. People are usually given a list of do's and don'ts by the doctor. This is often ignored because it means compromise.
Although a regime of healthy living may not appeal, it may improve your quality of life considerably.
Addressing diet, exercise and lifestyle habits may not cure your ailment, but you might feel stronger, calmer and more able to cope.

Tai chi for health

Tai chi for health does not aim to cure/heal any specific condition. It is not for that. Be wary of spurious claims. Tai chi improves your overall wellbeing.
If this helps your condition, it is a positive side-effect.

How you live

One of the most important factors concerning health is the question of what you choose to do about it. Many people simply give in and get worse and worse.
Others do what they can to improve their quality of life. Maybe you cannot fix things. But you might make life a little more bearable.

Lifestyle options

Our lifestyle choices can radically affect our health. It is worthwhile doing some research. Here are some possibilities

  1. Diet
    - Mediterranean diet
    - no caffeine
    - no nicotine
    - no alcohol
    - no drugs
    - avoid additives, colourings, preservatives, sugar and fat


  2. Exercise
    - tai chi
    - neigong
    - qigong
    - massage
    - psoas exercises
    - cycling
    - walking

  3. Awareness
    - meditation
    - constructive rest
    - constructive reading


  4. Study
    - tai chi, the Tao, Zen, physiology, psychology, wisdom, martial principles
    - alternative health
    - nature
    - the Tao/Zen-inspired arts and craft

Living with imperfection

A broken egg cannot be sellotaped back together again. When your body has been damaged, diseased or injured, it may never fully recover. You may never experience perfect health again.
Whether you have suffered a specific illness or simply poor usage/'wear and tear', you may not have perfect health. This is quite normal and part of the process of living.

Aging is normal

Our culture entertains some mad notion that we can be forever young. Is this not a little naive?

You decide

Some of our students drive 70 miles every week to attend an evening class. Others cannot be bothered travelling within the same locale on a regular basis.
No matter what your health, you can make the best of your life.

Making the best of it

Maybe you won't run a marathon, cure cancer, become the next Yang Lu-chan, but then who cares? Nobody is perfect. You only have a brief time on Earth... why not enjoy it?
Why not make the best of what you have? Your life in many ways is what you have made of it. No lies. No excuses.

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